2008 Kidding Season
this year featuring Nigora (Angerian?) goats!
While we'd like to take credit for these GORGEOUS buck kids,
true credit lies with Number One Son, who took a fancy to Fido.
(Actually, he took a fancy to
anything with 4 legs...)

Number One Son took
1st place at the NYS Fleece and Fiber
Festival in October 2007
.  His fleece is a rich and thick, black
wool that is simply spectacular.

The two buck babies were born with fleece similar to dad's in
texture, but marked like a Nigerian. The ears are also similar to

These two guys are very special. We are anxious to find good
homes for them before we need to wether them. Please, call or
email if you are interested.
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And since we have your attention:

Good friends here in Rockland have an announcement:


Dairy herd liquidation. Show quality registered Nigerian Dwarf does (miniature to a pygmy).

Registered Nubian does. Miniature Nubian does and buck kids.

These are all friendly, pet-quality, hand raised goats. Some are bred, some are milking now, some with kids.

I must drastically reduce my herd for personal reasons.

Sacrifice at $50-$250.
E-mail (Roberta) or call them directly at 845-352-2996. Hurry, these girls won’t last.