Spook Rock Farms Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Our first kidding of the 2003 season
2 does, 2 wethers
All 4 kids are available, if I can convince David to
part with them.  Please email me for the particulars:
Click here to email Roberta.
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Baby Goat Buff - doe
Baby Goat Black - wether
Baby Goat Brown - doe
Head markings on Black
Goat, and an ear...
Baby Goat White - wether
Udderly sufficient Momma
This is Fido's second kidding. Last spring she had 2 does. This year, 2 does and 2 bucks,
which we have wethered.  Fido is of pure-bred stock, AGS registered, as are her parents,
and as will be her offspring.

We raise goats for our enjoyment. This is not a goat factory, and our animals love living
here. In fact, we have a family of rabbits that is actually trying to break
into the goat paddock
because they are jealous of the good life our animals have.

The point being, we love our goats and we want these to go to a good home. We will only sell
in a lot of 2 or 4 kids, unless you already have goats to keep them company. We will not sell
one to live alone as goats are social animals and they shouldn't be with out the company of
other goats.

Not sure goats are for you? Call us,
email us, and by all means come visit. And be sure to
bring your kids (the two legged variety).   All they need is a not-overly-large yard (we live on
less than an acre) with a fenced in paddock area, a roof & wind block, fresh water and food.  
Oh, and your love.
Send us an email!
we are Mooooo-tivated
(ok, so they're not cows.)
And of course, there's also Neugoat's baby.
She gave birth to a gorgeous doe.
Feel free to inquire.
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