Fido's Birthing of Twins
Who knew?

Roberta was concerned that Fido might deliver in the middle of the night, and although goats
had been doing this for a long, long time, she might need help. She also wanted the kids to
experience this. So we borrowed a remote camera from the Goldsteins and I spent over an
hour running the wire. Hard mounted in the goat house. Through the window. Through the
trees (off the ground so the lawn mower wouldn't make mincemeat of it.) Up the house, over
the roof, down the house. Through the window.

12 Hours later...baaaaaaa baaaaaaa. I bolted out to the goat house to find Fido with Neu
Neugoat (Neugoat squared.)  A short time later (most of) the rest of the family was out there,
looking at mom and her kid.

And a short time after that,
Neu Neugoat perhaps 15 minutes old
First Bath
Neu NeuNeugoat's 1st washing
(This picture elarges with a click.)
And, of course, 8 hours after this, I undid the wire, from the window, over the roof, through
the trees, back into the goathouse...
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(C) 2003 David Rose