Neugoat kids an adorable doe
Click here, a cute picture.
Then it got really ugly. Things were so bad, I would rather have been in
Philadelphia. She was in incredible pain, and the baby kid was not helping.
Look at that look on her face. Her mouth was open, her tounge way, way
out and she was SO loud I thought the Police where going to come with the
ambulance corps.  I mean, this was
Click on this for a larger picture of Misery :)
Click here too. Misery loves company...
Well, after my pleading, no screaming at Roberta to deliver the kid (she
was an L&D nurse) Neugoat delivered a
gorgeous baby doe. I mean
gorgeous.  Black with white marks that turn to salt and pepper on her
head, and very cute brown boots.

And wouldn't you know it, I don't have a picture of her.
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This started out cute enough. Neugoat, backing herself into a corner, rubbing
her tush and exhibiting the general uneasiness of labor. But she was
standing, walking, moving and, well, being a goat.  Hannah decided to pass
the time reading to the chickens.   (The red lighting is from the heat lamp in
the goat barn.
Around 8 o'clock or so, things started to get out of hand. Neugoat didn't know
what to do with herself. She was laying, standing, rubbing, leaning, laying
some more, and just being cranky. In the picture on the right she is leaning,
unable to move her head, against the feeder.