Spook Rock Farm's Australian Labradoodle
Akiva's first official portraits
Top: Feb 1, Right: Feb 3
I made the mistake of coming home from
Goat Breeding Trip saying they sure
had nice dogs there. Big mistake.
The next thing I know Roberta is looking all over the planet for an Australian Labradoodle. What exactly is that? Well by
now I have a cursory idea, but I am still relatively clueless. We'll get her to write a piece on this along with more
information, links, etc. In the mean time, the story unfolds with her finding one, in Australia of course, wiring the money
and making plans to meet him at Newark Airport. She finds, we wire, he flies, and we are a larger family. Amazing.

Although the jury is still out on the name (of course, I am chief judge here, so the jurors might be very disappointed)
we've settled on Lazer Wolf (Any resemblance to the Lazer Wolf who was engaged to Tuvia's Zeitel is purely
coincidental. I mean, who would name a dog after a kosher shocket?)
Update: New Name: AKIVA

So until we get Roberta to post some more definitive information, enjoy the pictures and feel free to email us (her) with
any questions. No, sorry, we don't know when lamb chops will be going on sale...)
I call this 'Akiva's Years at Giverny'.

Akiva and I went for a ride in August 2006 to
Harriman Park. Along the side of the road we
spotted a nice corner of one of the lakes there. A
sat and shot and Akiva went looking for stuff in the
water. He really had a great time.

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Here is Lazer Wolf, staking out the family room. Notice the rabbit under the table. The
first day home the rabbit let Lazer know, in no uncertain terms, this is
his turf and he
should mind his ways. Although Lazer Wolf has been scoping things out, I get the
sense he is keeping his distance from the rabbit. Of course, day one and Roberta let
him too close to the goats and they too tried to teach him who's boss. So far, he does
interact very well with the birds. No chasing and no aggressiveness.