Sesame Street Comes to
Spook Rock Farms
Film Maker Eva Saks was shooting a short for Public Television at our house and took advantage of the time remaining in the day, the remaining film
and the fact the crew was all in place to make another short. The concept was two brothers sitting on a playground, doing what brothers do. The name
calling got so bad one wished the other to turn into a goat, and low and behold (through the magic of film, of course) he got his wish!  And of course,
feeling remorseful, the first brother soon followed suit.

Of course, working with goats isn't like working with 2-legged kids. You should have seen the wardrobe woman trying to get the shirts on the goats! Now
there's something for a resume.  Even so, Eva pulled it off so that the final project looked sensational. It's called Getting My Goat.  It was extremely
creative, very neat to watch the filming and we all had a great day just being here.  I
highly recommend surfing over to Eva's page and seeing her
I don't think Eva saw this view. She's looking for the shot and
Neugoat is looking for food...
The stripes really set the goats off! Once the shirts
were on they couldn't get enough of each other.
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