David & Josh's Excellent Adventure:
21 Days Sailing on the
Bark EUROPA - Ushuaia, Argentina to Graham Land
David and Josh's sailing trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, Grahamland and the South Shetland
Islands. Click the links on the left for individual themes of the trip.
(C) Copyright 2006 David Rose
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Here is a very neat YouTube video of an Ice Breaker
sailing north through the Drake Passage. You
probably do not want to watch this right after breakfast...
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Life on a Bark
Still working this one, sorry
On Deception Island, Josh got a bit close to a Skua nest. The bird came at him with
fierce determination! I just turned around, heard the bird screaming and saw Josh
running and took the grab shot. It's hard to tell, but at this point the bird might be 30 feet
behind him. He actually got right over Josh, and at that point you could see this was one
BIG bird! Probably 5-6' wing span.  I made this PhotoShop card while on board.