Some images from the 2006-2007 Bark Europa Sail
Grahamland and South Shetland
Islands, Antarctica
Time on the bark consisted of many trips up
into the masts to work the sails. At the
beginning, it was the crew making the trip. As
time went on, many passengers made the trip.
The top row are crew members (left and right)
climbing in the Drake. Center they are pulling
up the sails in a high wind before entering the
sheltered cove of Deception Island. Left is Josh,
climbing and far left sitting on a yard arm.
One of my favorite shots. Double click for larger image
Once I got up there, it was hard getting me down.
Quite. Peaceful. Gorgeous views. And you really
experienced the weather. Cold, hot. Windy, sunny.  
At top left, I am standing on a metal frame below the
top gallant arms. I'm not much for heights, but I
never got the sense i was way up, too high. Directly
left are some images I liked while meditating up
there. In fact, it was so calming I found my self
falling asleep while sitting on the arm leaning back
into the ropes. Similar to a vertical hammock!
Obviously, ice everywhere. On the left you can see people on deck doing iceberg watch. Hard ice makes a very funky noise on a metal ships hull...
Quite by accident I discovered this spot on the ship.

A sailing ship rolls left and right, front and back. Sometimes, it does both at the same
time. Just behind midship, on deck, seemed to be the most stable place. Sort of the
center of gravity. In rougher seas, I was there, sitting on the deck (because I would roll
off a bench!). Once, in calmer weather, i looked up and just loved this image.
These shots were taken sailing through the Lemaire
Channel, also known as "Kodak Crack".  Maybe several
hundred meters wide, there are glaciers on the mainland
and rock walls on the island. With ice floating in the
middle. If you are there at the wrong time, the ice has
been known to calf off and the resulting waves push you
against the island. That can't be a pretty picture... Top
row is sailing north, looking south through the Channel.
Taken from the mainmast. Bottom row is sailing south,
looking north, take from the bowsprit.
51 people on a ship 55 meters long meant there were always people, someplace. Yet, i always managed to find my space for solitude. At left,
Andrew, 13, sits in the yard arm. Right, Eva, from Peoples Republic, stands on the very end of the bowsprit while we sail through the Lemaire
Channel. In the center, I found the figurehead...
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