Some short trips onto Ramapo Land Company & Harriman Park lands
Who could resist? Fresh snow. No Trespassing signs. My son actually stepping away from his computer long enough for me to grab him and throw him
in the truck. These were golden opportunities!

Ramapo Land Company owns most of the land in the Torne Valley  which cuts through the Ramapo Mountains. I think they've owned it since the year
one. Their land butts up to
Harriman Park. Slowly but surely they have been selling off pieces, and in some cases even donating some to local
municipalities for parks, etc.

At the top of the valley (by the recycling plant, O & R generating station, past the landfill,) there is a gate and a path leading to the Park's service
entrance. 50 years or so ago somebody let these huge mother power lines cut right through the park. And I don;t know why but I'm quite surprised that
the DEC or NYS or somebody let a gas pipeline company actually dig a pipeline through the park today. They just clear-cut a swath, I'd guess 50'
wide, from one end to the other.

Used to be, if you saw a truck up in here, something funky was going on. Now, HUGE earth movers bury 30"+ pipe. They'll cover a lot of it up, but there
will still be wide swaths of raped land.

I've spent several weekends in 2007 and 2008 driving through on the service roads they built to get inside the park.
While it looks like Akiva can actually read... he was looking for another dog and stopped
when he lost sight of him.  This sign is actually on the service road for the existing gas
line. It's rather odd but walking in the middle of the woods you come across a full blown
construction site with huge earth moving equipment, support trailers and, well, yeech.
It was that cold.  Akiva checking out the front seat of my Land Rover. He loves sitting
there, much to Jacob's annoyance.
ALL  the way up into Harriman. I loved these pictures of us coming over the rise in the road. These roads were not built for winter travel. They were 45 degree grades in some
short stretches. And they cut across many existing streams. Like it matters: around all these fords are temporary signs posted saying how it's a conservation area, don't litter.  
The streams are actually huge, pressure treated ties laid to make a bridge. They looked scary but they were the only sure footed roading the whole way.

Also huge fun was trying to turn around on the trail. I spent half an hour between 1st and R, only to back a third of the way down. Some rises were so steep it looked, out of the
back, like we were driving off a cliff! After trying again, for 15 minutes, we finally managed to turn around on the trail and drive down forward facing.
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