Tour de Nord V - 2009
MINI Coopers to Hudson Bay, page 3
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Page 1 is the trip there - Page 2 up at Radisson - Page 3 the People of James Bay
Wherever we went people came out to greet us like we were the Queen. The wanted to say hi. They wanted to talk about the cars and about the trip,
four years before, by another group of MINIs. They wanted to sit in the cars.

And for some reason, many thought
I was the guy to talk too. I was clueless. Ross was the one who knew the plans. Yet people insisted on telling me
everything about anything. One guy, Pierre Lavigne, the Communications Officer from Hydro-Quebec, said 'There were MINIs up here 4 years ago.
Those things turn over, you know!'  It seems everyone remembered the MINI that turned over. Interestingly, in French there is apparently no word for
that. It translates literally to 'Four Wheels Up In The Air'.
Greater Downtown Wemindji, all of it...                                                                     Wemindji's finest                                                  This is not the same scene as our previous encounter.
The kids loved the cars, and the parents loved the photo ops.                         
This Policeman didn't have a driver's license,
but that didn't stop him from trying it out.
left: 90 km from town we pulled over. 5
minutes later 3 cars full of Cree pulled
up and got out to talk. We spent 15
minutes in the cold, dark night, chatting.
Right: In town, people came up to us, sat
in our cars, had their pictures taken and
told us about their lives and living there.
Page 1 is the trip there  -  Page 2 up at Radisson, Flying and Hydro   -  Page 3 the People of James Bay
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