(Some of) My Photographs
Writing a new Torah
People I've met Almost all my photography is done with rangefinder cameras. When I shoot film I
shoot primarily
Kodak Supra 400, and I'm partial to the new Kodak C-41 process black
and white films. When I shoot digital, I use a 1 gig card and usually shoot in RAW format.

I rarely use artificial light, prefering slow speeds with my rangefinder bodies.

main bodies are a Leica M7 and an Epson RD-1, both rangefinders. They are
small (about the same size) quite as a church mouse and (the Leica, at least) is built like
a Sherman tank.  Both bodies have a Leica M lens mount, so the lenses from Leica,
Voigtlander and any older lens with an adapter can be mounted.

I carry a
35mm f2 Summicron lens as my standard lens.  For portraits and long
I use a 90mm f2.8 tele-elmarit, which is incredibly small and usually fast enough.
In the theater I use a 90mm f2 Summicron or a 135mm f2.8 Elmarit. All the lenses
were bought used and were made in the '80s.

I also use the new Voigtlander bodies (which are Leica thread mount.) They are not as
quite and sturdy as a Leica, but a fraction of the cost. Here I use the
50mmm F1.5
, 35mm F2,5 Skopar, 21mm F4 Skopar, 15mm f4.5 Heliar and the incredible
12mm f5.6 Heliar. The 21, 15 and 12mm lenses require viewfinders, and they are so
wide they almost require no focusing! (The 12mm is
so wide I went through rolls of film
before I learned how to keep my fingers and feet out of the picture!)

For longs I bought
an old beater Nikon F3 body and a 75-150mm and 80-200mm
zoom, all on eBay. Excellent glass, only you can hear this camera body's mirror flap
across a silent theater. Recently, I picked up a
large, 300mm EDIF lens for bupkis, also
on eBay.

For 'knock-a-round' digital, I've sold all my others and bought
a new Panasonic with
Leica glass.
I LOVE IT. Panasonic makes the body for the Leica version, and, obviously,
Leica makes the glass for the less expensive Pansonic version. Otherwise, identical!
Although a tad expensive, it is easy to use, intuitive, the quality is great and one need
only carry the one camera, as the lens is a 28mm to 90mm zoom.

I post my work on (click here) and on the Yahoo Leica Gallery (and here.)
Documentary series on the
dedication of a new Torah.
People I've met, and enjoyed.
62 Hours in MINI, and loving it!
Trip to Hudson Bay, Oct. 2002
Trip to Hudson Bay, Feb 2005
Trip to Paris, December 2002
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the Leica
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