Davening at the Sephardic Shul
Please click on each image for a larger rendering
(C) 2010 DavidRose.us
ok, a little Photoshop rendered poetic license. This is what I saw, I just
needed a little help. These gentlemen just oozed class. I watercolored
the image and got the Edward Hopper effect that I saw.
Almost NO post processing here. This was the scene! Right out of the
1920's. The color was as warm as the heimish shul. Please click to the
larger image and look at how active everyone is.
My wife likes this one because of the siddur in the foreground. Here my
friend Jeffrey is called to the bima for an aliyah
And here his son Jules is called to the bima. Notice the top hat on the
gabbi, and the floor to ceiling Tiffany windows.