On 9 January 1909 Shackleton and three companions
(Wild, Eric Marshall and Jameson Adams) reached a
new Farthest South latitude of 88°23'S, a point only
112 miles from the South Pole. They are forced to
turn around and head North, to base camp.
1609 - 1909 -  2009
On January 9, 2009, the team (Adams, Gow, Worsley) have
made it to 88° 23'S 162° 0'E - the precise point, exactly 100
years later,  that Shackleton turned around at. After 57 days
and 700 nm of sledge hauling they have achieved their first
major goal. Next stop for them .... The South Pole!
Peary, Matthew Henson, Ootah,
Egigingwah, Seegloo and Ooqueah
(Inuit) at the North Pole, April 6, 1909
David and Jacob, standing ON Hudson Bay,
February, 2009. 100 years after the great polar
explorers and 400 years after Henry Hudson.
And since onto every parade a
little rain must fall... the 1881
painting by John Collier of Henry
Hudson, his son and some crew
members being cast adrift on
Hudson Bay, eventually to die of
starvation, 1611.  Original in the
Tate Gallery in London.
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What a REMARKABLE 100 (400) years!  

January, 1909, Ernst Shackleton (to reach fame a few years later for saving all his men from almost certain
death) sledges a farthest South of over 88 degrees, 112 miles from the pole, before having to turn back. 100
to the day, relatives of his and members of his expedition repeat the challenge, walking unassisted to the
same point, arriving
the same day. They have much better support and logistics of course and actually forge on to
the pole, making it a short time later.

Three months later, on April 6th, 1909 Admiral Robert Peary and 5 others walk over sea ice to become the first
people to the North Pole (although disputed by Dr. Fredrick Cook, it has been accepted as Peary's prize.)  

In 1609 Henry Hudson, looking for a shortcut to China for the Dutch East India Company stumbles on Hudson Bay.
400 years later Jacob and David and half a dozen MINI Coopers, looking for a little peace and quite, adventure
and time from the maddening crowd (but working for no one) drive up to Hudson Bay.
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