It came ready to roll, (view the complete specs here) and with the exception of a few cosmetic challenges, remains almost as I bought it.
This green 1976 (or was it a 1974?)  beauty was an eBay special.  I had been watching it all week, happened to be at the computer at the close and bid with 15 seconds to go, and got it by $10.  However, all was not well in eBay land with this car...
My first '02. I loved this car.  In the spring of '99 I decided it was time. I looked at the boards, Roundel, and even the newspapers. The pickings where slim. (I  was looking for a 30 year old car.) Finally, Roundel (the monthly magazine of the BMW CCA, filed with classifieds) came and there was an ad for a '73, in Poughkeepsie. I called that day, and the proverbial little old lady said come on down. "She" in this case was a he, and a lawyer who walked to work. The car was fine, and by the next weekend, it was mine.
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After having a new '93 525, I decided that when my Explorer lease was up I wanted another Bimmer sedan. I really liked the 7 series, but unfortunately did not have $70,000 burning a hole in my pocket for a new one. I scoured the place for a used one. Let me tell you, a dealer's idea of used is last 2, 3 maybe 4 years (and I didn't have $40,000 either...) But one finally called and said he had a customer who wasn't going to buy his new 7 series until he got rid of his old one. :)
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My newest, completely rebuilt by Pierre Respaut of Bedford NY. This car is a land rocket! It was a frame-off restoration, and Pierre knows his stuff.
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