Taking the Angoras to Dan and Sarah's Farm for Breeding
Owning only female goats, and not being a big believer in immaculate conceptions, we need to bring our goats every year to the breeders. We breed our Angoras with Dan and Sarah, of Buckwheat Ridge Angoras, up in Columbia County, New York. They have nice bucks, and this past year at the Wool and Sheep Festival we scored a blue and a red ribbon from our goats born of their sires.
Do to a scheduling conflict, Roberta couldn't bring the goats up there this year. (Conflict. Yeah. I finally captured the rooster that has been crowing 24 hours a day forever. I said drive him around for half an hour then leave him at a neighbors and he'll think he's far, far away. She insisted on bringing him to a farm in NJ.) Anyway, if you know me, you know I'm not going to let a little thing like two goats in the MINI deter me. So, I squeezed the cage into the back seat and herded Madeliene and Eloise in. And, off we went.
Yes, there are two goats in there.
Driving, top down, of course (it was a mild 45 degrees or so), with the goats.
Italian Something or Other herding dogs. They were extremely nice, friendly and very protective. Others weren't so pleased I was in with their goats...
A Goat and a Turkey.
This is cropped. It was a huge herd of maybe 30 goats, all walking towards me.
Probably one of my favorite animals pictures. Please, click the link and see this full size. It's really weird. The turkeys look like ostriches! And 5' tall ones at that!
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All pictures shot with Epson RD-1 Digital body & Voigtlander 21mm Skopar lens.