Augusta or Busta
or, 39.5 hours of bonding in the MINI for Josh and David
How I went. Click to see MINI, roadtrip signage and all.
via Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee
I know it's was my sister's wedding. And I know the entire family flew down to Georgia.
But I simply chalked that up to their a) not owning MINI Coopers and b) not having heard about Tail of the Dragon. 

Augusta is a rather sedate southern town that I found charming.  Quite. Friendly. Pretty. And there was a breeze. More on page two.  Tail of the Dragon, on the other hand, was wild. Dangerous.
Tail of the Dragon is Deals Gap on US 129, which runs from the base of the Great Smokie Mountains in Tennessee east into North Carolina, by Fontana dam.  It's claim to fame it 318 turns in 11 miles.  Certainly seemed like a worthwhile diversion to me....

So Josh and I pile into the car about 3:30 PM on a Thursday. I figure, how much out of the way could Tenn. be?  Ok, with hindsight, 11 hours is out of the way. We drove south and hit Shenandoah National Park in the evening.  I had never been on the road, but I figured I didn't have to put $10 in the automated teller machine at the gate. It would have been worth the saw buck. The road was PITCH BLACK. And the twisties were WONDERFUL.  Not so bad that you'd go driving off into the valley at 80 mph, and you could see cars coming because of headlights, but it was a fast, windy road.
Do you want to know what DARK is? That was 1 day off a full moon, and it was still black as coal.
About an hour of driving this and I found a road out of the park.  Black as can be. Then POP, we come across what must have been a 20 acre car lot with the whitest bright white lights I've ever seen. Bummer.  We were back in civilation. 

We hooked up with I-81 again, tooling south through Virginia.  We caught a few zzzz's in a truck stop parking lot about 2AM (well, Josh caught more than a few...) and we were off again. 
Click on this. Nice picture.
You'd have thought Josh was writing a thesis on truck stops and the bad coffee they serve.
Why I went. Click to see my pretty sister (who is married, thank you. Now milf hunting for you guys.
At Last, Tennessee:
Click on any of these for the complete story and some large scans. In the mean time, notice the road in these.
Left. Right. Left. Right again. I almost spilled my In 'n Out milk shake antenna topper...
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Nah, sorry David, this is boring beyond belief. Get me outta here (I'm a heathen...)
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