Augusta or Busta
Part 2: the wedding
2 Jews, but no women
We came, we saw, we didn't get kicked out, of either place...
We arrived in Agusuta about 4;30, just in time for the 5:30 dinner that we found out was actually 8:00.  My poor sister: Josh and I were ready to call up for a pizza and hit the sack.  But, we persevered, troopers that we are. And, it was worth it. I had a dinner that was superb.  To the left is Josh going up in the "Hall of Mirrors", or, the elevator. The hotel was very cool. An early century Bogan Villa (did I spell that right?), huge house turned into a classic hotel. I had stayed in one similar in Ohio, and if you get the chance, they beat the pants off a Hilton :)
Day 2 and we are wide awake and ready to go.  We ate outside, on the veranda.
Josh and I had 3 breakfasts, with GREAT coffee
Look at the look on their faces! They thought I was from Mars (or, N.Y., whichever is further.) We pull up to a stopsign, on a barren street, and I think "Lemonaide! I want some". I hand my mom a dollar, who hands it across to the girls and in comes a glass of fresh lemonaide (none of that powdered, canned crap, thank you.) I even tipped them the change.  The wild part, we may have been there 3-4 minutes, and I look up and there is a line of cars behind me, waiting for  me to finish. Not ONE hinker, not one fist, not one shout.  Augusta is very laid back!
Interesting how they mention where the bathrooms are on a sign, by a fountain...
Nothing to do with the trip, but I just included this to show you the crap I have to put up with. The big black thing is my strap, which the sitters obviously knew was there, and shared with themselves, but not me. There's 10c down the toilet. Thanks mom. Thanks, ol' son o' mine.
The event:
My niece Nikki and her friend  Shaila (I think that's the spelling. Sorry!) I like the portrait, hate the blinds.
What the hell is he doing to my sister? Oh, wait, this is after they said "I do", so it's ok. I guess that means we are brothers in law. Good thing you don't have a sister Sid... Or do you?
I have plenty more pics. Befores, afters, durings, musician shots, Josh stealing a fork.  Unfortunately, I miswound a roll showing both a spectacular moon and my dad in his tux, without socks.

If you want pics,
feel free to email me. I can scan for you to 4000 dpi, which will give you a photographic quality enlargement up to about 16 x 20 or so. They's look much better then this tiny chicken scratch on your screen here.
Alas, they did kick us out...
and we proceeded to drown our sorrows in endless cups of coffee at Cracker Barrel.  And, note to self, do NOT go to Pancake House in Georgia again. I still don't know what grits are, but they sucked there.
Our final, closing shot. I took some great stuff on the way home. Buying fireworks at South of the Border. Riding in the car. More. And they were on the same miswound roll as sockless Marv-Rose. I am bummed.

But I did get this one from the new roll. This is my advancing the film to the 1st position, so it's really not a photo, but a snap.  Notice the tach and speedo though.  3100 rpm, 79 mph in what you can't see is 6th gear.  MINI was an excellent ride, all 39.5 hours worth.
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