A long, subtle straight-a-way leading into the turns. 80 mph, until the first curve.
3rd and 4th gear, 5000 rpm. Downshift before the turn, accelerate into it. Hard. See the road curve sharply to the right in the pic?
Downshift! Downshift! Too Fast!  Pull into the turn, finally at the correct speed, and then floor the gas again. Pull to the left, and 300 feet on repeat the whole thing, only now turn to the right, again...
Here we go, hard right again.  Look at my hand shifting from 3rd to 4th. You can't see it, but this is 60 mph.
At this point Josh and I were so nauseous we slowed down. A lot. The curves were banked like a track. And steep.  Depending on the direction, and the speed, the passenger or driver were above each other, no longer level in the car on the road.

Actually, one of the best roads I've been on. 318 turns in 11 miles of road.
all pics (c) 2003 davidrose.us
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