The Rose Family Tree
Rozenblum Geneology - Czestochowa, 1763 to the present
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I've been working on the Rose Family tree since the mid to late '90's or so.  One thing about researching your past: it's
never finished.
I expect these pages to be a permanent 'work in progress'

When my grandfather, G.H. Rose passed away, in 1981, I found a picture of his father's grave stone.  It was small and
fuzzy and hard to read and my Hebrew was bad enough without those handicaps.  Because he told me his cousins lived
in Belgium, I always thought that was were the family was from.

In 1998 I finally got the tombstone translated. It said he was born in Tchenstocow (Czestochowa) Poland, in 1872 (He
was actually born in 1871.) I knew he died during the war, in Belgium, and the stone confirmed that.

I immediately did a web search of European directories for names that I knew where related to the family. I searched in
Antwerp and other cities, including some in France. I xeroxed the photo, mailed it to perhaps 75 people along with a letter
explaining what I knew and asking if they had any further information.

Several weeks later, someone calls from Antwerp (Albert Lapa) and says the man in the picture was
Joseph Frajermauer
(I knew that name!) and it was his father-in-law!  Bingo!

Since then, with the help of the Lapas, of Michael Chen in Israel (who graciously treated my son Joshua and I to a lunch
with his wife, as well as
volumes of information on Czestochowa birth, marriage and death records), of Daniel Kazez of
the CRARG, the website and through long deliberating and laboring over microfiche readers at the
Mormon's Center in NYC I have managed to trace the tree back to Wolf Weirnick, who was born in Czestochowa in 1763.
He is my great, great, great, great grandfather.

I have spent years also laboring over how to present this work. It includes over a thousand people, many of whom are
still alive today.  Standard convention and practice is to give precious little information about those alive. In fact, many
archives will not release information until 100 years after birth.  Even so, I have finally come up with a format I hope will
work and make sense.
Please, if you think you are related, or if you are from the Czestochowa area and just want more information on how to
find your relatives, feel free to contact me. The breadth of public knowledge still does not approach the memories of
those who lived through the ghettos, the pograms and the modern exodus to Israel and America, and who passed
their stories down through the generations. It is vital we share this information.
Looking for YOUR family from the area? Email me, and be sure to stop by the
Czestochowa Radomsko Area Research Group
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This page started May 16, 2004