Hudson Bay or Bust II
Midwinter MINI Arctic Run
February 18 to 22, 2005
Check back here for details, and up to the minute progress and status reports of the trip.

We're going where?: Chisasibi is a Cree Indian town that sits at the end of the furthest northly paved road that is attached to lower civilization. There are roads further north, but you can't drive there. Plane, snow mobile, ship or trekking.  The road is called the James Bay Road, and it is part of La Municipaite de la Baie James, which is the largest municipality in the world. It's 690 km from the check-in station (manditory, 24/7 12 months of the year) to the end. There is one outpost of civilization at km. 381.

The road was built in the 1970's to service the hydro plants up there. Unlike the service roads going to the North Slope, in Alaska, this is paved the entire way. But, like paved roads the world over, this has some of the finest frost heaves you'll ever experience.
Especially zooming down the road at 90 mph.
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Ok, this link has nothing to do with our trip. It's a link to the site of a Russian woman who took her motorcycle into the Chernobyl area of the Ukraine. It is a spectacular documentary.
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Sept 2004 update:
We've arranged for rooms in
Radisson. At a three star hotel no less. I'll post more info about the hotel later.
Also, we have arranged an all
English tour of La Grande 1 Hydro Plant. Should be about 4 hours, and should be very, very neat. It's too late to get licenses for caribou hunting (ugh! I don't think I'd do that), but we can rent ski-doos and go see them. The largest herd in the world is supposed to pass by this place at this time of year.
And, we've got
an offer to be interviewed on the local radio station!
last update Feb 2nd)
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September 29
Need a room up there? Call
Suzie Rousseau at the Aubison Radisson (no, no connection with the Radisson Radisson) However, do let her tell you about how she is the only 3 star hotel in town, and that you don't have to go outside for the bar.  You can reach her at 888 638 7201. She has quoted us $88 CDN, with tax $101.22. That should work out to about $75US a night. Remember: we want Saturday and Sunday nights there. There are 40 rooms, so don't delay.
October 5th: here's a quick overview of some of Sunday's possibilities.

Hydro Quebec was nice enough to offer us our own guided tour of La Grande 1. It's the largest underground hydro plant (in either Canada, or the world. I was so overwhelmed I forgot to write down that detail) We need to commit probably a month or so before. The tour is about 4 hours.
Radio Radisson (Ok, I made the name up) The Director of Tourism suggested we might want to be interviewed on the local radio station.
Ski-Doo rides can be had from a local tourist outfitter. We can go out on James Bay, or take some of the miles of snow mobile trails. In all probability the caribou will still be in the area, so this might be very neat. $150 CDN plus gas and oil was the asking price for the entire day, I assume less for a shorter period.
Helicopter and Airplane. Still waiting to hear.

October 19th
Heard from Glen Arseneault, of
James Bay Air Wemindji. "We offer tours and flights in different areas such as the Belcher Islands, Kujuarapik, Hydro Electric plants (and) overflights of the caribou"

October 4th: Changing the format of the page. Check back for dated updates!
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End of November: We need (in MHO) some more organization. People are emailing and posting about ways to contribute effort and I'm afraid no one is coordinating. Granted, all we really have to do is show up, but a little effort might produce some great results. I'm therefore proposing a MINIster of PROMOTION. As I see it, the MP would a) coordinate the beseaching of corporate America for all the goodies they can throw our way b) publicize this in a less helter skelter way and c) coordinate the production of our own, "Official" goodies like T-s, rally plaques or decals, window clings, etc. I'd ask the Cod Father to do it, but he ain't even going, having organized his own, counter revolutionary and diversionary side trip that weekend :) Any ideas?  Email me please.
December 9, 2004: David Thibideau (LePew) has graciously agreed to do MINIster of PROMOTION stuff. :) The good folks at Tire Rack and at Griots Garage have gracious agreed to give us some goodies for our trip. What, we don't know. We are pretty sure it isn't a set of Goodyear F1's. But, we appreciate the effort, and we are trying for addition 'sponsors'. Any ideas? Merco is thinking of having a sub-arctic Duct Tape event, of some sort. Maybe Duct Tape streaking. See how badly we need ideas?
January 2: Counting down. We have 10 confirmed cars and aprox 18 who are in various stages of fence sitting. Of course, plenty of room if you still want to come! Publicity is starting to build: Look for us in an upcoming article on, and we've had press on Gabe's wonderful, on Cooperspeed and of course, the getting way-to-long-to-read forum (this is where the lions share of the info is and where the interested parties hang out.)
January 3rd: On the subject of "What to Do", I found this page recently. Some excellent ideas, including the suggestion to have the Comartys take you on a tour of Fort George Island and teach about traditional Cree life. Overnight stay in a tee-pee is available!
January 7th: 12 cars committed. Route is confirmed. Promo clothing coming together. Looking like a real event!
Need a passenger or a ride? email DUCTTAPE!
January 23rd: A 'huge' (ha!) snow storm has blanketed the north east. We expect all of you to be out, driving.
We are up to 15 cars. Clothing is now available on and Zazzle. This week we start firming up Sunday's events.
Still room for 25 more cars at the inn. Who's coming?

Feb 2nd: Everyone's emails are starting to be signed "I can't wait..." Some are even going to the border Thursday night. There is still plenty of room if you want to join us. Several participants are very recent joiners.
The 'official' long sleeve t-shirt is up
on Zazzle. Click the link to see it. We ordered ours in long sleeve, natural. They look great. You can order directly.