MINIs on TOP - 2004
I can't believe how much FUN this was!  I will get to posting more pics, some comentary and writing about my trip to Georgia the week before hopefully by this week. In the mean time, I wanted to share some pictures.

And, a THANK YOU to the Codfather (Steve) and ALL who made this work.
apologies for the lack of formatting here...I'll tighten it up
Ok, we'll start the page with the ride up! The Motor Road begins with a slow, gradual climb through the tree line. Nice twisties, but you can't drive fast because a) there is a pace van and b) eventually, if you do, you'll go crazy and just plain drive off the mountain.  Notice the duckie fell off my dash...
The way down was wild. It became overcast, so many left before sunset. About 400 feet below the summit there was a turnoff that gave a GREAT view of the sunset.  Notice the car above is sitting in the drive-up lane...
I saw the pic on the far right in my head and though, "Lovers". I leaned against a car to brace myself and shoot because the wind was blowing something fierce. Then I noticed someone in it. When I stuck my head inside, I interupted two people kissing! I guess many had the same idea.
<--- This is what all of you looked like!
Notice the sign, stating the obvious. We arrived early and where given a tour of the weather station on top. Typical tourist tour, BUT, they let us climb into the crow's nest atop the weather station. Wow!
The wind was blowing 85mph. I turned my body into the wind and just floated away. Constant wind. Almost hard to breath. Notice the guy, who didn't appear to be a stick figure to me, holding on for dear life. And the face of the woman in the 4th pic sums things up nicely. We all just stood up there in total awe and amazement. THIS was the real thing...
The Codfather
My son Jacob, trying not to blow away
Nat, not succeding...
Hannah holding on for dear life
Driving to the Motor Road. We should have known...
(c) 2004 David Rose -
or, miles 2300-3195 of my week long roadtrip.
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