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Queen Fido - 4 babies in 1 kidding!
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Poor Fido was SO miserable! Click the pic or link for the whole story!
Click here to see information about Madeline's 2004 Kidding!
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Hannah and Chicken waiting for Neugoat's kid
As much as we love these guys, we just can't keep dozens of them. So each year we select some to put up for sale.  Click the links below to find this years, and previous, kids available!
Spook Rock Farms
And of course, no page is complete without "Chickens in the News"
2005 Season
Click here to see information about Madeline's 2005 Kidding!
How else do you get the goats to the breeders, if not in the MINI?
Spook Rock Farm's Madeline takes State Championship at Dutchess County Fair!
(news at 11)

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